Enviromental Policy

We're that flame-grilled, 100% pure beef, legendary burger making spot! Steers® Zimbabwe will feed the fire in your belly, so show us the #NothingBeatsFlameGrilled

At Steers® Zimbabwe, we pride ourselves on quality, variety, and excellent customer service.Steers® Zimbabwe is one of the leading brands for flame-grilled chicken, burgers, and ribs in Zimbabwe. Steers® is a favourite for the young and mature and delights its customers with the widest range.

Our Steers® restaurants offer REAL VALUE. At Steers®, it’s about sharing good food with your friends – whether it’s a quick bite or a fun-filled occasion. It’s about giving you a little pick-me-up when you’re having a long week. Steers® Zimbabwe is definitely the place you want to be when you’re in need of a quick, tasty meal, a fun time with the kids, a meeting with colleagues, or on special occasions with family and friends.